Sunday, June 19, 2005

Stardust--Neil Gaiman

I'm taking a stand here: I don't like Neil Gaimen.

I hear the gasps already. But, but, but......he's so cool! He grows heirloom vegs in the wilds of small town Minnesota! He's a classic in his field! So imaginative! So dark yet affirming! What is wrong with you, Kerry?!!!!

I agree--I should like Neil Gaimen. He is very imaginative. I usually adore fantasy that comes out of modern times and dilemmas, and mixes it up with classic themes and a dash of style. And it's not too high fantasy, which is an automatic turnoff for me. And I see in his writing all of the technical reasons I should love it--it's clear but detailed, smart and funny.

But Stardust exemplifies exactly what leaves me cold and disinterested--there's no characters. There's a story, and some plot and some archetypes moving within it. But there's no soul, no emotional connection.

And if you can't figure out by the start of Chapter Four exactly what's what and who's who, then there's no hope for you because it is painfully clear what the script is.

And before your conclusion is that I have just not read enough Neil Gaimen, I'll list out what I've read:

  • Mr. Punch
  • The first five books of Sandman
  • part of Neverwhere
  • part of American Gods
  • Stardust
And I've liked what's been done to his ideas by other writers, namely Bill Willingham and Jill Thompson (Dead Boy Detectives only).

I don't think it's me.


Patrick said...

**issues collective gasp on behalf of both Genevieve and myself**

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