Saturday, July 09, 2005

Ruddy Gore--Kerry Greenwood

So why is wealth, no worries, and absolute confidence and style so annoying in a modern American character but so enjoyable in a 1920's flapper living in Melbourne, Australia? Such is the mystery at the core of the Phryne Fisher series. Poisoned Pen Press is doing us a favor by becoming the US publisher of these tales--not just the current stories but the backlist too, it looks. They also have stylin' dustjackets. Which is good, because when I found them 3 of the 14 were available from CPL, and another 3 were in Ohiolink but did not circulate. And I did find them used, but at $25+ per paperback. Yipes!

So yes, these books are candy but delightful. Phryne barely breaks a sweat as she investigates her crimes, armed with money, a title, a lady's maid, two adopted teenage daughters and a Chinese boyfriend. I love the Australian details. This one has Gilbert and Sullivan, missing babies, a haunted cast, poisonings and the obligatory murder by spotlight. A quick read, totally beachy.

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