Sunday, August 28, 2005

8/28/05 Plain Dealer column by John Kroll

It's seldom that I get excited about the Sunday PD. After all, 50% of the articles are reprinted from the NY Times and I've already read them. However, John Kroll's column in the business section today had me hollering "Amen, brother! Sing it!" It's here for you out of towners.

Anyway, the point is that Cleveland needs to stop grasping at crappy plans to make it a world class city and realize that it's still cheap to live here. And that along with its cost of living, there's great amenities, a well-educated workforce, the weather's not that bad, people are nice, and you can be yourself here. It's fun. You can take chances. So why can't we get some small business incubation and grab some corporations who would like to base their workforce where it's cheap but nice? Cleveland as a city should make itself into Target.

Which is exactly why I still live here. And why I wonder that more people don't give Cleveland a chance.

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