Friday, August 24, 2007

Another A+ Week In Library Science!

The good overwhelmed the bad this week:

1) I explained to our 14 year old Children's Room page what a card catalog was. She thought it must have been a real pain to use. I laughed gently, because we have Sirsi.

2) I had a teaching moment when a patron asked about my scar. It evolved into why you should always wear a seatbelt, and pulling out the encyclopedia to show the humerus and explain what happened. A really good conversation!

3) I was working Children's alone one night this week, and had an awesome night. First I set a boy up with the USA puzzle and got to give Miss Kerry's Persistence Pep Talk when he gave up on it. Then an adult patron who heard it said I had a nice way of talking to the kids and asked about my schedule so she could bring her kids back.

Next day I'm working with Miss M and we had a group of older boys in, all of whom were interested in an afternoon of walking the line between boy and rowdy. At one point, just when I was about to interject again, Miss M comes up with "Calm down. If I have to talk to you again, there's going to be consequences. I'm not all nice like Miss Kerry."

Which made me feel bad, but not for long because she turned and said sotto voice, "Actually, you do well with them. You're firm but nice."

Which is good to know--firm but nice is my goal. And I love it that we can do good cop/bad cop on the kids. Excellent working relationship.

4)Other library job is going to start soon. So they say. Plus I'm being encouraged to apply for the position I'm not sure I want or could do. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

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