Friday, August 17, 2007

CSA--Week 8, Midterm Grades

This week's bag had:
Pontiac Red potatoes
white stuffing pepper
cubannelle pepper
poblano pepper
yellow beans

Judgements on past veg:

I joined the CSA for a bunch of reasons 1) I'm very lazy about grocery shopping, and the idea that there'd always be fresh farm veg appealed to me, 2) I know all about my crappy dietary practices, thank you, 3) I felt like supporting a family farm, and there's no farm stands here in Cleveland, 4) I know I have limited tastes and need to branch out a bit in what I eat, and it's better to do that with veg than meat based dishes and 5) I need to lose weight.

However, midway through the season, I have to say I don't think this is playing out well.

Part of it is me. I really need people to eat with and cook for. I am a pack animal. Dusie is right--we should pool our money and flummox some real estate agents and build a family compound of the non-polygamist variety. I can have the house on the corner and tend her turkeys and make dinner for everyone, and encourage my sisters to have babies so I can be Aunt Kerry. Or live in the same single girl apartment complex as Aces and make dinner with her. Problem is I don't have enough friends out her to have over to dinner every week to test myself. Add to this the fact that I work varied shifts, extra hours when I can get them, and don't even bother to eat dinner if I come home at 8:30pm, and don't have a/c--cooking may not happen here.

But the CSA also bears some blame. I'd like it if they told us what it looks like we'd be getting in the next few weeks, even if it's an approximation. I'd also like more variety--I don't need any more okra or popcorn or pecans, thank you! Or zucchini! Basil is overrated!

Some things have been awesome, some not. Worth detailing:

The lettuces have been great--really sturdy and delicious.

The peaches--Eh. Kinda watery. Not a lot of flavor at all. I like a really good peach, even with the fuzz, but these are just lackluster.

Cucumbers--all good.

Beets--yeah, I do like beets. I had forgotten that.

Okra--I know from descriptions that I don't like okra. Yes, I can say that without trying it--all my food aversions are based on texture, not taste. When people give you this look and say "It's slimy but less so if you fry it," I know I'm in trouble. So when in doubt, pickle some shit .

Green tomatoes are welcome for chutney.

I like potatoes (I'm Irish, you know) but it's the middle of summer! It's too hot to roast anything! Or boil! No, I'm not going to make soup!

Too many green beans. I never thought I'd say that, although they've all been good.

Basil--Why not rosemary? Or tarragon?

Genital wart squashes. That says it all.

Other things have gone bad before I've figured out how to use them or remembered their existance.

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Genevieve said...

If you sautee okra with onions, garlic, a can of tomatoes, and salt, pepper, etc it's good and not slimy at all. (Don't know if the acid from the tomatoes eats the slime or just the wetness of the dish masks it, but it's good.)

I choose not to do a CSA because I enjoy going to the market and picking out things myself, plus I get to choose from what a lot of different local farms are growing. Don't know if you know, but there at least used to be a farmer's market in front of the Westlake Trader Joe's every Saturday or Sunday morning.