Saturday, August 25, 2007

Librarian Links Roundup

Shelf Check is a hilarious look at the library world.

Numbers 26, 27, 37, 38 and 47 are especially funny, but I howled through the whole thing. It's the dog days of summer--the library world goes nuts.

Library Career Romances is a bit of historical pop culture ripe for feminist analysis. My favorite is The Loveliest Librarian, as I have also found beauty to be an asset in library work. Face it, the patrons will stalk you even if you are plain--you might as well dress up and enjoy yourself.

Bookhunter is an amusing graphic novel set in 1973 about the theft of a rare book. A little long, but well grounded in that early 1970's cinema style--it reminds me of Bullitt.

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Emily Lloyd said...

Thanks so much for the mention (I write Shelf Check). I love the Library Career Romances page, too--and my cube is decorated with a number of the covers. I think my favorite title is "Molly Qualifies as a Librarian"--sheesh, could a title sound any drier?