Tuesday, September 11, 2007

CSA, Weeks 10-11

I spent a lot of the weekend transforming produce. I would say it kept pretty well despite my sojourn at hiking camp (which was fun and very healthy.)

Week 10
Cabbage (I did not get this! It was on the list, but not in my bags! I love cabbage--I think it is my top vegetable.)
green pepper (used in green tomato chutney)
sweet banana pepper
yellow summer squash (a yellow and green crookneck, which sounds like a dragon breed. "Honey! Lasso the Bicolored Crookneck! Quick! Before it spits at you!" I've been reading too much Temeraire.)
3 green tomatoes (chutney)
3 red tomatoes (used in salad, BLT, and a notably Fronchy-style tomato and brie sandwich. 1 spoiled after 10 days on the counter before I could eat it. I feel cheated.)
yellow beans
orange honeydew (Tasteless. I had it yesterday breakfast. I needed a BLT to cut the blandness.)

Week 11
Wee baby watermelon! (Again, delicious! I am eating it right now whole drinking Assam tea.)
2 colored bell peppers
white peppers
Delicata winter squash (They gave us a recipe that involves baking it with orange and sugar that I am going to try)
1 pt red and yellow grape tomatoes
1 pt Juliet tomatoes (little smaller than a roma)
cucumber (used in salsa)
beets (I made a dilled cucumber salsa to go with these.)

As I have started my 2nd part-time job in a far suburb and will be even more on the go this week, I doubt my ability to keep up with the eating but I am going to try. Things are getting squalid around here--I need to find my pink tormaline ring, and until I do I can't throw anything away.

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