Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Halloween Tale

So on Wednesday I walked into the EC Main Branch and was chatting with Ms. G, who like me was having a heckuva day. Ms. F, our supervisor, walked up to and asked Ms. G, "Does she know? Did you tell her?"

Ms. F turns to me and asked "Guess what I have in my car?"

I say, "A puppy?" Because puppies frankly exceed the ridiculous factor, so when asked to guess something outlandish, always say "puppy."

She replied it was better than a puppy and took me out to her car. There in the window was A KITTY! She was one of those brown-black-cream-caramel longhaired swirly cats, like Calcutta and Bombay. Ms. F took her out of the car and put her in my arms and told me she was up that morning in the Caledonia Branch when this little kitty followed a patron in all, "Hi! I hear you have opening for Branch Manager? I can be Branch Manager! No? Okay, I can be Children's Librarian! Step down, but whatever!"

She purred and wiggled, and there is nothing that lifts the spirits higher than standing in a parking lot on a beautiful afternoon holding a kitty. She's about teenager age and size, hadn't been out long so she still smelled good, and had been spayed and was wearing a flea collar. Ms. F put her in the car because it is very doubtful that the administration would want a library cat in residence, and what with it being Halloween and on a busy road and she being so friendly and gentle that kitty was dead meat. Ms F was already in love with her--she had a cat called Tuesday and this kitty was just like her. She's now called Wednesday and is settling in nicely at Ms. F's house.

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