Monday, November 19, 2007

Note To Self: This Is Not A Cat Hotel

Do not take in the possibly pregnant stray over by the Coin Wash and Subway. Coin Wash gave her a little box house and some food. They should take her in--it would be fun to pet a kitty while you do your wash and she'd like the warm and dry clothes. Yes, she's tame (she ate bits of my sandwich meat from my fingers), but no more cats! Don't you have enough trouble with Specs coming to the door to hit you up for food? And Honeybelle, the Mrs. Rochester of cats, confined to the attic for her own safety? Look at the claw marks on your hands for a reminder.

Similarly Cookie, aka Mysterious Tuxedo, is probaby someone's cat even if you caught her in the trap. She did not have fleas, was tame and she didn't smell bad the way Specs smells, kinda gamey.

NO! It is not your responsibility to save cats.

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