Thursday, December 13, 2007

Big Changes Ahead!

So yeah, I am getting the hell out of Dodge. Meaning I am leaving Cleveland in February and going to live in my sister Duesie's spare room in Phoenix. When I have a job and sell the house, I'll move out of her spare room and get myself an apartment. Aces has already informed me I can live in her complex; I just can't expect her to come over and eat dinner.

You know what's been the overwhelming response to this plan? "Lucky you! I wish I could leave too!" and "Why stay if you don't have family here?"

Why leave? Aside from the usual reasons like the lack of jobs, the overwhelming gray, the cold, and the fact that I'm lonely and I am so not a Clevelander, there's tons of things that irritate me about this place.

1) Dennis Kucinich--The little fucker just annoys me, from his Department of Peace to his perpetual runs for President and the attitude that he's so admirable because of his pluck. Just shut up and get something done!

2) Why will drivers in this town not put on their lights? I was driving down Detroit yesterday in the cold dark gray with rain and people did not have their headlights on. What the hell? Do you think it impedes your gas milage?

3) I don't think that there's virtue in being depressed and lethargic and acting trapped.

4)The indirect communication style: Everyone around here does this "I'm not going to tell you what I want or what I mean, you have to read my mind!" thing. It's paired with the "I'm not going assert my power and boss you" mindset and the "I take no responsibility" defense. I am continually tricked into playing this game.

It's funny because I was thinking about how few people I've met out here that I've really liked, and how they all have in common is that they're from somewhere else. Ms. F is from Michigan. Genevieve came from North Carolina. The Romance Heroine is from Kentucky. Abril mostly grew up in Florida. The exception is Miss G., who is a native, but then I realized she spend the ages of 18-30 outside the state. She laughed when I told her of my theory and confirmed it's true--the indirect communication method got trained out of her through years of dealing with outsiders. And SuperC, but family members with ADD have given her some communication skills.

5) People out here call it "yelling" if you have a heated opinion or a point they disagree with. You can be all calm and logical, but they call it "yelling" to guilt trip you into shutting up. Honey, I'm from New Jersey. When I yell, it is loud. It also features a verbal style that would make Al Swerengin blush.

Yeah, so time to blow this pop stand. I have got to believe good things are ahead.


Genevieve said...

No love for Dennis? But he's such a nice little socialist vegan, and he came out to all the tast of Tremont festivals.

Patrick is a native, although he's the black sheep in his family, even among our generation. (although one cousin is competing - he moved to Colorado, is training to be a bikram yoga instructor, and biked back to Vermilion for Thanksgiving)

I laughed out loud at #5. Maybe that's why the midwestern tourists have that shell-shocked look here.

Although, sometimes I think NY has too much yelling. Maybe we've all gone deaf from the traffic and the trains...

Kerry said...

Yeah, Patrick is good. But I think that's due to your influence :)

But I'm right about #5, no? And no one out here gets that you can yell, but not be angry.

Super C said...

ummm, I think you've forgotten that all of my mother's people were from NJ. They never considered Cleve home and they went home every weekend on the train. I feel more at home in NJ (they "get" my jokes) and I've always lived here. Also, one of my sons goes to school in NJ and the other in NY. Maybe I'm not from here. And I really wonder about my sister too. hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

You are on the money with Dennis. He's actually matured since he was mayor of Cleveland and let the city go into financial default.

Isn't this communication style you described also known as passive/aggressive behavior?

Kate said...

Yay Jersey!
It's true, we are a different breed of people.
I've since gone to college in and am working at a library in southern New Hampshire, and it's like New Jersey that's been slowed down to like half speed. It's nice. Still cold though...

Kerry said...

SuperC, I don't think I remembered that about your family! Ha, the theory holds! And yes, on p/a. Ms. F at work and I discuss Cleveland--she said once it's like the South, but with none of the benefits of the South. I thought it was a good point.

Kate, you've never posted before. Hi! It's nice to meet you!

Kate said...

Nice to meet you too!
I am a librarian in Academia but I spend a lot of time there reading blogs... a LOT of time... so i figured at the very least I will read about other librarians while they pay me to be one!

dingusgirl said...

Ooh, Kerry -- I'm so excited for you! Please tell me you're going to drive right through San Antonio... :)