Sunday, December 09, 2007


Recession on the horizon? Check!
Totally fucked up war in the Middle East? Check!
A Bush in the White House, and a Clinton running to replace him? Check!
Housing prices sinking? Check!
Doc Martens are back?Check!
I bought a green sweater* with rolled sleeves in an attempt to look cooler than I am? Check!
Murder rate is up? Check!
I have a crush on this guy who doesn't return the sentiment? Check!
Indie movies all the rage? Check! Except we're calling it "mumblecore" these days.
DIY all the rage? Yup! Now it's crafts, podcasts and blogging, but 15 years ago it was Internet startups and zines, baby.
All we need is grunge and the one piece bodysuit to make a reappearance, and we are all set!

I swear, I have deja vu every freaking day over our incipient return to the early 1990's. I can't explain the giddiness this evokes--I was a teen during the early 1990's and I wasn't particularly happy, seeing as I was continually reminded what an imperfect, disappointing failure I was, my dad lost his job, and we were broke. I'm not happy to see so many reminders of my adolescence coming back, but good god it's the freaking mood. It's a combination of widespread depression with possibility for the insane and plucky.

Oh, and considering I am nursing a crush on a guy I first had a crush on in 1994--really, just put me out of my misery. My current state of cheerful mania, flirtiness and determined grit is kind of like my first year and a half of college redux. And that was a good time for me. I have got to seize the day. Maybe this time I'll join a band.

*The Green Sweater story--So back in the 1990's I had an intellectual crush on Mr. Hill the English teacher because he was just so cool. And he had a dark green wool sweater from J. Crew with a rolled collar and sleeves that looked great on him because he was a) male and b) over 6 feet and c) slim. I bought a similar one but as I am female, short, and chunky it never really had the same look on me. But I wore it every winter because it was incredibly warm and comfy.

Green Sweater (see, over time it developed its own personality and became a proper noun) was finally given to Goodwill last year on the grounds that it was not attractive and hard to wear under a coat, and it was a constant reminder of the bad time when I broke my arm and it was the only thing I could wear over my cast. It had served me well and wore like iron. I hope it got scooped up cheap by someone who loves it. But today I was in Macy's and they had similar sweaters, only an acrylic/wool mix that was a lighter moss green with lavender and gold speckles mixed in. Impulse purchase totally sparked by Green Sweater, memories of prep school and the return of the 90's--it will probably be returned.

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Genevieve said...

You need to get out of Cleveland! While a lot of these things are national, the general malaise and housing slump and economic woes have hit the rust belt far worse than the rest of the country. According to the NY Times Maple Hts is a ghost town. Plus, you've reached the time of year when the frozen lake, the salted roads, the sky, and the perma-snow are all the same bleak shade of grey...

(btw - I'm home tonight if you want to call)