Sunday, December 02, 2007

In Which I Go A Little Overboard, Again

I had a dinner party last night. I had over an old work friend and her 9 month old baby and my new friend from work with her 9 month old baby and her 3 year old. The husbands declined to join us.

The menu:
Homemade baked samosas with green tomato chutney
Salad & homemade vinegrarette
Wild rice stuffed acorn squash
Apricot stuffed pork tenderloin
Raspberry lime rickey sorbet (yeah, homemade)

There are a lot of leftovers. So much that I could easily have another party tonight and use it up. If you think I go all out--I'm a single woman with a decent amount of free time with no local family and a lot of cooking skills and a need for food novelty. I like doing this. And I didn't clean that much--there's still plenty of junk hidden around here.

In other news, my birthday is the 29th. I'm having a simple party featuring lots of cake. Would you like to come?

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holly_44109 said...

Wow, you menu sounds delicious (esp the samosas). I always make way too much food too but there can NEVER be too much cake :) Have a great b-day!