Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Note To Librarians

Dear Fellow Librarians,

I know by nature we are very nice people. Even me, although I come off as a big ol' crank on the internets. But please--can we stop doing the homework of people who post questions to our professional listservs? I'm not talking about someone in the field who has a professional problem that they want perspective on. I'm talking about these examples on Publib this week:

"Dear Webmaster-- i am new at this and don't know how this is done, but i would like assistance-- i need a lit review on the perfume program. Thank you," (name deleted to protect the idiotic)


"For my master's program in Library and Information Science, an interesting ethical scenario was posed, and we are to tell how we would respond and why.

If you have a moment (and it really is only a moment!), go to to answer ten questions about the scenario.

Responses are appreciated by Saturday, Dec. 15."

Oh for heaven's sake! When we bend over to do our fellow professionals' work for them, we are not doing them or our profession any favors!

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