Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Post-CAKE! Day

I feel a little hung over, although I did not drink last night. 2 people came to my party, SuperC and her husband. I have a lot of cake leftover.

I have just had another piece of cake and Starbucks. I should eat some real food--lamb chops and green beans and rice. I don't feel like cooking though.

I gave the kitties these catnip filled candy canes and they proceeded to go nuts with the rolling on the floor, licking, and kicking. Now they are hung over too.

Edit: Fuck, it occurs to me that I have probably caught the dreaded librarian crud. It has gone through Circulation, Reference and Children's in the EC. Ms. P was out of work for 3 days and had to go to the doctor. Ms. G got it and was out. Ms. F caught it and went home unable to read. Damn it!

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