Sunday, January 13, 2008

Let's Do A Janus

I feel like I should post a 2007 Year In Review, because it was a weird but good year. On the one hand, it bore a resemblance to a country song--starting in September 2006, I had fleas, my dad died, I got fired, my grandmother got sick and did a 9 month downward spiral to her death, my aunt got sick, Mencken ran away, the car blew up, my love life started to pattern itself after Persuasion, the economy collapsed, and I decided to move to Phoenix.

I mean, horrible tragedies abounded. But in some ways, it has been the best year of my life--I finished my MLIS, I took a class that gave me some of my confidence in my own intellectual abilities back, my part time jobs gave my professional self a new lease on life and sealed the deal librarianship-wise (as in, even if no one will hire me, I love it and it loves me back and together we rock), after years of not knowing her my cousin cousin MFA Jane and I met and had a convergence of the minds, Genevieve is expecting(!), I made some great new friends, and I feel oddly free and like things are finally clicking into place. And happy, damn it. And those of you who have known me a long time, know that happy is a weird state for me.

I was reading something the other day in which the author said that if you want things to happen, you have to make a public commitment to the dream, especially if it's something that's not 100% under your control. So here's what's going to happen in 2008--my house will sell quickly, I'll get a great job in Phoenix and meet some nice men and flirt lots and fall in love with one of them. My spiffy single gal apartment will leave me with enough spare cash to take voice lessons, along with saving money. My sick aunt will stabilize. Genevieve's gonna have a cute and healthy bebe.* I'll keep writing. Life will be good. And I'll still be the most fucking cheerful and happy girl out there.

*There is nothing wrong with Genevieve's bebe and no suspicion that anything will go wrong. I am just superstitious on the subject of bebes, and if I were lucky enough to have one I would have to be hiding from witches and the evil eye by denying I was expecting one or even wanted one, up until the point I gave birth. Yes, I would be so drastic. And I would spit on the sidewalk should the subject come up.

In terms of reading--I'm going to post 1 book review a week. At least. And unlike last year, I'm going to count and list out my books finished. Looking back, the 3 best reads of 2007 were The Shadow and The Star, Fat Kid Rules The World, and King Dork. Honorable mentions go to The Spellman Files, The Re-Gifters, and the works of Judith Ivory.

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Anonymous said...

I like to think that things are falling into place because now you've got a Don "up there" lobbying for you :)