Thursday, February 07, 2008


The Washington Post addresses a word that I love , the ever useful "so."

As someone who will be working on her Spanish the moment she hits Phoenix, I like this article on babies picking up foreign languages at daycare .

When I saw this article, "Humdinger of a Project: Tracing Slang to Ireland", I missed my dad because that would have been an awesome Christmas present. Miss G bought it for her dad, and describes it as a neat little compendium. I'm not sure what I think of the theory, but I have to admire the devotion.

Who doesn't love a LOLCat? Who doesn't find herself talking like a LOLCat sometimes? Not me. Anil Dash: Cats Can Has Grammar is an interesting post breaking down the grammar that has evolved around pictures of cats doing funny things.

Some of you have heard of my latest adventure in man catching (I was at the coffee bar at Trader Joe's and struck up a conversation a cheery "You're not from here!" when I heard an accent from back East coming out of a good looking fellow). May I recommend the International Dialects of English Archive for checking your own regionalism? The Central NJ (Princeton) accent is about half my speech, but years of Southern literature, country music and Ohio residence have flattened some vowels and sent some of my pronunciation past the Mason-Dixon.

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