Monday, March 24, 2008

Kerry Leaves The House

And in another exciting edition of Kerry Leaves The House, SuperC and I went to Nancy Pearl's presentation on how to jumpstart your book club on Thursday. SuperC has a dysfunctional book club that she was looking for ideas on how to step in and guide back to health, and I've never been in a book club that lasted more than 2 meetings, and that's even with me keeping my mouth shut. But hopefully I will have to lead a book club in the future. Hopefully.

Nancy Pearl is very sweet, and I really like her Book Lust guides, but the program was more of a round table discussion than the presentation I was expecting. It was good to see how book clubs thrive in some of the libraries in the area, and in high schools, synagogues, etc. Cuyahoga County Public Library, Beachwood branch is bringing Nancy back for more librarian presentations in October.

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