Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Kerry Reads The Paper!

A few thigs that caught my eye in the news this week...

Gary Gygax Dead--So what time do we meet over at Case for the candlelight vigil?

Fur Flies At A Beauty Pagent (But It's Not What You Think) is one of those awesome stories that the Washington Post does so well. I did not know that the muskrat trapping industry was at one time so big in Maryland that it spawned both a Muskrat Queen and muskrat skinner competition. Fascinating. Look, if I'm the judge and you skin a muskrat as your talent at the beauty competition, you're taking home the crown and scholarship based on your creativity and awesomeness. Blood under the fingernails be damned.

Dusie jokes that she wants a family compound, and certainly The Don would have loved that, but these people make it sound like a workable option.

In my news: The Don was right--a snow shovel is the least backbreaking and most effective way to remove a 30 year old layer of cheap carpet padding stuck to the basement floor (although if a cat with the feline physique of a Ralph Lauren model could tear it up, why should I doubt I can do it?), the Obama campaign here in Cleveland is a class act, librarians are annoying me, Amy Winehouse=Shane McGown circa 1989, all Dropkick Murphy songs sound alike, what's up with men posting like they're cute and turning out not handsome?, my shoulder hurts, and eh.

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