Monday, April 14, 2008

My Trip To Arizona (So Far...)

Times I got lost on my reconnaissance mission to the library where I'm interviewing: 1
Times I got lost on the way back to Dusie's house: 5
Times I drove into oncoming traffic by accident: 1
Distance between cars and mine before I realized what I was doing and managed to turn around: 500 yards
Times I had to call Dusie for directions: 1
Cattle seen at the Chandler stockyards: 100 or so
Humiliations endured today: 3 (emergency stop at Walmart for clean underwear, had to ask a woman at Sonic how to order food, the woman at the nail salon offering to wax my whole face)
Amount it costs for an eyebrow wax and manicure: $18
Times a month I'd go get a manicure if it were $10 and super quick: 2
Number of Sonic cherry limeades I drank today: 2
High temperature yesterday and today: 97 degrees
Times I was allowed to drive sisters to a destination: 2


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't know how to order at Sonic either as I have never been there.

Those salonists are peddlers so don't take it personally. I once went into a nail shop w/ freshly waxed brows (a facialist had just shaped them the day before) & the manicurist asked me if I wanted a brow wax!!!

Genevieve said...

I have no idea why Cleveland manicures are more expensive than NY. I get mine done at a Russian salon next door to work for $9.

Kerry said...

I think the salon bargain is because in both NY & AZ there's a similar standard of polished looks in regards to nails, and the large female immigrant population that needs entry level work that doesn't necessarily require extensive English skills. Lots of competition + high volume of services brings the price down.

Sonic--Sonic is great. From 2-4pm it's "Happy Hour" and soft drinks and limeades are half price. The reason why I couldn't figure out the ordering thing is because I went inside and there's no counter--since it started as a driveup restaurant, and where they have walk in they make you use a telephone to call the staff and give them your order, and then they walk it out to you from behind closed doors.

The cherry limeades have a cherry at the bottom and they squeeze fresh lime juice over the red mix. DELICIOUS!

Genevieve said...

OK - that whole phone call thing is super weird and kind of surreal.

Also - when you come to visit we have to go to Tom's - a 70 year old diner where one of the specialties is a cherry lime rickey.