Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fuel For The Fire (In More Ways Than One)

So I've been putting out things on the curb so that people can pick them up. It's an accepted practice in my suburb that if you have usable stuff you can put it out on the treelawn before trash day and 9 times out of 10, it gets a new home.

I had a pair of green oak kitchen chairs I bought at the Medina Flea Market a long time ago for $20, very sturdy and with lots of life left in them. No place for them in the house, so I put them on the curb.

I went over today to check out the neighbor's fire circle and what do I see? My green chairs. Along with a lot of brush and spare wood which I guess is their fuel for their bonfires.

So when I call the cops on them for the illegal burning, it is going to be ever sweeter. Nice weather this week! Hope I catch them!

They've taken my treelawn stuff before, notably an ottoman I recovered and a bookcase, and that's fine, but this just frosts me.

I'm hard on the performance artists for valid reasons. They are so self-centered there could be a van parked in my drive marked "We Steals Yur Copper Pipes" and they would just turn a blind eye. They are annoying. They are pompous and don't grasp the rules of suburban living apply to their specialness. They don't give out Halloween candy. They talk too loud and too late into the night, and thank god they've moved the parties to the woods.

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