Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Am I the only person to watch the movie Waitress and think that Jenna was quite the manipulative monster herself? I found her unlikable and not very sympathetic. She lies to herself, her husband and her lover. She's clearly smarter than Earl, but can't figure out either how to play him to get what she wants or get out of the marriage. And why could she not give her friends her stash to keep it away from him?

And she basically got saved by her fairy godfather. WTF? Where's the feminist message? The message I got was that it's okay not to take any action to get yourself out of a mess. Oh, and a baby will finally spur you to save yourself. Helluva burden for a kid.

Some of this might be because there's 2 kinds of people: cake people and pie people. I am a cake person. Cake people are persnickety constructionists who like everything to hang together. Think of it--cake is a melding of solid structure laced with fluff. In sublime cake, it's all different textures and tastes that have to play well together and balance themselves. Pie people are all random crap inside a crust and making it look nice when it can be terrible taste inside. "But it's a beautiful pie!" Screw that.

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