Monday, July 21, 2008

For Super C, Who Craves Girl Talk

Last week I went shopping. That is a bathing suit--I tried Target but they had nothing in my size, and little that looked appealing. So I wound up at the Land's End section of Sears and it was painfully expensive. It's flattering and feels modest though, and Dusie pointed that a bathing suit is a necessity in Phoenix and when did I last buy a swimsuit?

She was right--and that pool is damn refreshing after running.

The purse ($15) and sweater ($10) are from Marshall's. I like both the color and weight of the sweater, although the style is not the most flattering--a little too baggy and jejune with the cap sleeves and low round neck. The purse is exactly what I wanted in size, capacity and leather texture, but I would have never gone for the green had it not been on a second red tag markdown.

As for the rest of things, I am hopped up on caffeine, country music and chocolate waiting to hear about the job.

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