Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Love August, The Month Of Spectacle

The heat, job interviews and the hope of a monsoon aside, why I am I so excited?

The Olympics--Busby Berkeley spun in his grave with jealousy that he had never got his hands on 15,000 Chinese and a nearly limitless budget. I was impressed with the opening ceremonies both times I watched them, once woozy with sleep dep and the next day with a cocktail. I don't follow sports, but I enjoy the reminder that interesting weird sports exist like the competitive weightlifting and handball, and who can resist scandals about lip-synching, faked artwork, and draconian physical standards for hostesses? Plus that nasty censorship and suppression of democratic movements and human rights, and sweatshop slavery! Whoo hoo, China!

The Democratic and Republican Conventions--I don't belong to either party, and frankly when I was a wee little one was corrected by someone who said that no, we didn't live in a true democracy because and that was so much better Kerry, because we'd have to be voting all the time otherwise. And I distinctly remember thinking that was the dumbest thing I'd ever heard, trusting people to vote in your interests. Let's not even talk about my issues with compromise between two factions.

And I spent the last 2 Presidential races in Ohio. Ahem.

The best is yet to come. I'm talking about Burning Man: What! Kerry is a fan of Burning Man?

Oh, no. Burning Man is pretty much my idea of hell. I lack the planning ability to even begin to come up with a supply list for heading to this thing. Camping in the desert? Charges for leaving the area? Bartering? Drugs, alcohol and hookups galore? Art (I use the term loosely)?

Yeah, if you have issues trusting strangers, tend to be reserved, don't alter your consciousness, read fast, and like your art structured, Burning Man is not your scene.

But man, the news from last year really propped up my prejudice, what with the suicide and the Face Tattoes burning down the Man early, and Violet Blue's hilarious columns covering the phenomena.

I loves the crazy, even secondhand. There's one person who gets a free pass from me on attendance, but it is such a ridiculous situation overall I cannot begin to discuss it. My neighbors the performance artists went to Burning Man every year until 2007, when they hosted their own knockoff in rural Ohio. It was so sweet, the 3 weeks they'd be gone.

It's good times to be a newshound.

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