Thursday, August 21, 2008

My "Style" Is Things I Buy Used, Or Pick Up Off The Treelawn

So I am holding the Ikea 2009 catalog and looking through it (because they will send you a print catalog unasked if you live in a city near an Ikea, but not if you are willing to drive 2.5-3.5 hours to reach one if you request a catalog), and I am unenthused. Yes, I'd like to move out into my own place, get Cain back and his new brother, retrieve my belongings from Ohio (okay, mostly I want my winter clothes), but I just don't want new house stuff. That way lies trouble. And it's all pretty and cheap, but truthfully I just can't bring myself to take the bait. I don't want a home--I want the ability to cut and run at 2 weeks notice.

And this is my idea of hell: if it's all so important, why is it in such disarray? Why didn't Dr. Lattimer catalog the items himself? Clutter and unintended damage, people!

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drwende said...

My, that article's a blatant publicity piece to increase interest in the collection! I'd guess collectors aren't swarming as much as the auction house would like.

I mean, come on... her brother suggested tossing out Napoleon's alleged penis because he didn't think it had a value? If these people are educated, they're reading the same NYT and WSJ as the rest of us; how did they miss ALL the articles on collecting and antiques and art?

Improperly stored items with minimal provenance... yeah, that requires some good PR to get the bids...