Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Technical Difficulties And Stuff

I'm having technical difficulties with my connection at the Marlboro Mesa, hence limited posts.

I also have a job interview on Friday morning. Any good vibes are appreciated.

No, I did not get the other job. I figured I didn't get it when the next week passed and I hadn't heard anything, and when my email to the HR contact was ignored. However, when the HR person says specifically that you will hear from her either way, it's pretty freaking tacky to get the final big "NO" when you log into the recruiting website.

My language would be much bluer if you did not read this blog, Aunt Mary Jane.


drwende said...

How did it go?

Please provide hints on location so I can giggle at figuring out which library it is!

Kerry said...

Think large stage agency in charge of making sure all the other state agencies are doing what they should and not shortchanging the taxpayers. The work is more like the special librarian research and analysis I've done in the past.

As for how it went, I am hopeful but doubtful. Over 20 people applied, they interviewed about half(!), of which if they like you they'll check your references and then send the final 3 to meet the director. Dusie is a recruiter, and her eyes went saucer and she shook her head at the inefficiency of this system.

More and more my feelings about applying for librarian jobs, particularly in public libraries, mirror your thoughts after reading those chick mags last week, that there's something incredibly screwy going on that benefits someone when you have a population of candidates that is 90% female driven to constant paranoia, second-guessing, and not feeling good enough.

And I know "hi, Kerry--welcome to capitalism!" but there's a lot of entrenched sexism in the history of this profession, and the figures I've seen is that 85% of librarians at the manager level and up are male. I really think it's more of the female barracuda syndrome more than anything.

Kerry said...

Holy cats, they are checking my references.

drwende said...

Good for you on the reference check!

The paranoia thing is true of every female-dominated profession; marketing and the lower echelons of professoring were exactly the same.

Someday, I'll have to tie up the husband and tickle him until he discloses what men experience in male-dominated fields. They all act insouciant, but I have my doubts.