Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It's Like A Drive By, Only You Get Shot With Sarcasm

Arizona Developers Welcome Spillover From Las Vegas Here's a water table, let's suck it dry!

So the housing market in Las Vegas is collapsing partly due to overdevelopment. Hmmm, so what should you do? Move onto the next section of virgin territory down the highway!

Sigh. This is why I think I'll never own property again--I just can't bring myself to trust the diffused responsibility of American capitalism and culture and blindly think it will work out in the end anymore.

The Don was right. Other people cannot be trusted, and anything that puts us in a metaphorical boat with them is a bad idea.

Time Warp Wives: Sometimes you meet a guy and really hit it off, he urges you to return to school and get a degree in biostatistics. Sometimes you meet a guy, and you find yourself submitting every bit of sense or morals to him, and you wind up helping him murder children. Or sometimes you just wind up with a guy who wants you stay home and not worry about a thing and pretend it's 1950 and you're so happy to be able to stay home and cook now that the war's over and you don't have to work in that nasty munitions factory anymore.

Notice none of these people have kids who might spoil the illusion time is passing.

Seriously, I think this is a kinky fetish thing. Somebody needs to call Dan Savage.

Caution: Driver May Be Surfing The Web: You know, when my grandparents were driving around with their 5 kids in the car, if you started acting up Grandma Jane brought out the rosary for enforced Hail Marys. When I was a child, we absorbed feminism from Helen Reddy's Greatest Hits and sang along to the Cats Broadway cast album. There has not been some weird genetic change in the American population in the past 20 years that now everyone has to be plugged intot he internet 24/7. Neuromancer is not here yet, even if I would be first in line to become a cyborg.

Want A Face-Lift? First, Better Stop Smoking: I like how this article never mentions that huh, maybe if you'd never smoked at all you wouldn't have needed a facelift.

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drwende said...

Definitely get Dan Savage on the red emergency phone -- if those marriages aren't kinky cosplay, then the line in the sand really does involve either fake fur or adult diapers.

If being a "lady" means doing nothing but cooking and cleaning... oy.