Monday, October 13, 2008

Back To Work!

I started my new job last Monday, and I am overwhelmed with awesomeness. And not just because I had today off.

So the answer to "what else can you do with a library degree?" is you can be a performance auditor. I originally applied for a job as a librarian with this office, and didn't get that job. They did like me enough to interview me for this position. They also hired two other librarian candidates into these positions. One sent several years as an archivist/cataloger, and the other has a background in social work/counseling and just got her degree.

I feel slightly less special, but I can suck that up in the joy! of! having! a! job! and the fact that I'm making 20% more than I thought I would as an entry level librarian, and 16% more than at the bank. They keep mentioning that state pay is low and we're at least competitively paid, and I mentally chuckle. Of course 10% goes straight to the state retirement system. But my health insurance is cheap.

I was absolutely knackered and had to stop for coffee on the way home a couple of times last week, but by the end of the week I was better. People are nice. They are liberal arts/social science geeks with a dollop of idealism. My assigned area is interesting to me. I got compliments on my clothes a couple of times. I have a cube with walls, a decipherable phone, and a laptop. Most of the time we are out in the field, but if you spend lots of time in the office you're at the report writing stage and people realize you are under stress and need quiet.

Sorry, those of you who lived through my time at Ye Olde Fortune 500 Bank will know that being given the tools to do my job well, kindness and respect, and not being subtly bullied are novel experiences for me.

Onwards and upwards!

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Genevieve said...

You mean you won't have an annoying guy telling his privileged westerner world traveler stories loudly in the next cube while trying to write a report under a deadline? That is a novelty!