Saturday, November 08, 2008

Scenes Of An Arizona Life

So this week we went to the Arizona Department of Economic Security for the amazing (and cheap!) Fiesta Wednesday. You know what "economic security" is, right? It's polite speak for welfare and unemployment and stuff. Imagine my surprise to see Arizona Lottery at the checkout. No, they really sell AZ Lotto at the DES. The irony!


I heard an accountant joke this week, and the sad, sad thing is that after 5 weeks on the job, I get it.

Why did the auditor cross the road?

Because last year's audit plan said to!


Every night when I leave the audit site I pass by 700 S Grant to get to the 10 then the 60, and somewhere near there there's a bakery. I get stopped at the light, and there's the smell of Wonderbread, and it's a nice way to end the day and get geared up for an hour's worth of crawling traffic.

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