Saturday, November 08, 2008

Wardrobe Prattle, 2

How You Live & the People Around You

If there were a uniform for where you spend most of your time, what would it be?
JC Penny separates and suits, mostly in black. We are civil servants, baby.
If there were a uniform for where you spend your leisure, what would it be?

I spend my leisure time on the Marlboro Mesa, where we wear sloppy clothing resistant to dog drool.
What do you like best about the prevailing style where you are?
I have not really gotten the style here, other than casual and summer.
What frustrates you?
Shopping. Nothing is made for hourglass figures. I think everything is too expensive usually, but I can't risk waiting for sales because they won't have my size. Plus, a 6 week sales cycle in the stores is too short.
Is there another place (one you've lived, visited, heard about, whatever) that better captures your idea of style?
I miss New Jersey, not for the over the top expensive fashion of prevailing cultural values and the ethnicity of the population, but because being dressed up was not viewed with suspicion the way it was in Ohio. Seriously, in Cleveland dressing sloppy is a badge of honor, a sign you're one of the working class, those salt of the earth, Kuchinich voting Democrats who do not care for the fancy ways of larger cities.
And we know how I feel about that.
Construct a quick pie chart of the occasions for which you dress.
Eh. 40% work, 40 % leisure, 20% sleep, 5% other occasions.

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Genevieve said...

Oh - but there are clothes made for hourglass figures! You just have to know what to look for and what not to.

Dresses - A-line and empire waisted. Pants - at waist or slightly below, absolutely no low-rise. Skirts - A-line and flowy, cut to about knee length. Pencil skirts work on hourglass, but only seem to be really flattering on smaller hourglasses (the petite girls)

And the trick for button-down shirts for women built like us is 2 things. Get a properly fitted, well supporting bra. After I started wearing bras that really fit, shirts fit better. Yes, it means $50+ bras that you have to hand wash, but you only need 3 really. Also, buy button down shirts that are fitted for women (cut with curves in them) instead of boxy ones. I find ones with a tiny bit of stretch material in them helps too.

And I know you love the cashmere, but you really have to be careful with knit things because they can be so shapeless as to be unflattering.

Not that I am really a great dresser lately. I tend to be in a mommy uniform of jeans, black shirt, cardigan almost every day...

Also, on your previous post, who wouldn't want to be Grace Kelly! Of course, I would also like to be Audrey Hepburn.