Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wardrobe Therapy, Week 1 Tasks

Bones: Get completely caught up on laundry you can do yourself. If trips to the dry-cleaner are relatively routine for you, catch up on that, too.

Done. I was surprised to find my black blazer is machine washable. Bless those Penney's Worthington line seperates. I even paid for my cleaning in advance to pick up later this week.

Breath: Choose one garment, pair of shoes, accessory, make-up item, skin-care product, or hair-care product that will ultimately belong in the Torture Device, Velveteen Rabbit, or Mystery of the Lost Shopping Trip category and make it go away now instead of waiting for its special week. If you think it best to start a donation bag or turn your old clothes into rags, do that thing -- just get something de-accessioned.

Done. Painless.

Heart: Do something pampering for yourself. (If you've been doing the 8-Week AT Cure, you need and deserve a little pampering by now.) It's not necessary to run out and buy anything -- just to give some attention to yourself rather than the apartment, the family, the dog, the job, and so on. If you can tackle a treat you've been postponing, so much the better.

I got a pedicure! I paid extra for callus removal. My toesies have red nails!

Head: Find a source of clothing pictures that you enjoy looking at. It need not be a fashion magazine or current catalog. Old movies, Old Masters... doesn't matter. The idea is to immerse yourself in elements that nourish your personal style, regardless of whether the nice buyers at the nice stores are on the same page.

I looked at the Anthropologie catalog. I would like $400 heeled, honey-colored leather Mary Janes, please. No? Fine, I saves monies.

I also swiped my aister's copy of Elle. Did you know Victoria's Secret sells cashmere bra and underpants sets? Did you know that if the WT participants were getting nominations, I would totally be "Most Likely To Be Wearing Cashmere Underpants?"

Also, give yourself at least a back-of-the-envelope idea of where you want to go with budget. I'll blog more about this issue later, too.

$50 a paycheck, and I get paid biweekly. My spur of the moment purchase of burgundy shoes put me down to $35 for the next 10 days. And there's bra shopping coming up. That'll be a tale. Stay tuned.


Anne (in Reno) said...

See, I think cashmere underpants seem like the absolute best use of expensive material ever. Why not put it where YOU will enjoy it?

drwende said...

VS used to make silk underpants.

I deal with their inefficient mail-order department because satin undergarments -- not cotton, not lace, not nylon, not foam -- are essential to my personality.

This isn't just indulgence: in trying on tops, if you look better in just your bra, you know the top is a loser.