Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wardrobe Therapy: Week 2

Or, "In which it is revealed I have a lot of tops." I am going to split this up and do it by categories. First up, things that live on hangers:

This is from Old Navy--I bought it 2 years ago to wear with my winer white basket weave suit to a CPL fundraiser. $7! Since that suit is in Ohio, and since it also needs to have some decorative trimming removed that exclaims "Whoo hoo! It's 2005! Awesome!" this top is firmly a Same Time Next Year.

A dark green button down, that's a little boxy and faded but could be worn on Fridays with a cardigan. If I had more than I cardigan. Velveteen Rabbit.

I bought it because I like the graphics. Unfortunately, I have never been invited to a luau. Mystery of the Lost Shopping Trip.

Torture Device. It's a stiff lime green cotton, and it's not the greatest color for me, but it does work well with my navy suit which (sing out!) "lives in Ohio!" The sleeves are uncomfortable and unforgiving, and it has a a gap problem no matter what the bra I wear with it.

Surprisingly, this is a Stalwart Staple that might be a Superstar in disguise. It goes with my brown suit and jumper, of which the most important part, the jacket, "lives in Ohio!" But if it does match that skirt from the previous post, it gets upgraded because that is a very flattering skirt. What do you think?

Long sleeve, button down, b&w polka dot shirt. A Velveteen Rabbit because it's starting to fade. But I love it.

Mystery of the Lost Shopping Trip I would never wear this because along with an unflattering construction, it has little holes all over it that would require a tank top underneath before I felt comfortable, but with a tank top it won't fit. It got picked out on a Marshall's run with my mom.

Torture Device. Why? Although the color is great on me, this button down is a bit boxy. Plus the 3 button sleeves make it impossible to roll them up. In general, it's just uncomfortable.

Navy blue & white, short sleeve polka dot shirt, how I do love you. You may not be the most flattering garment, but you make me happy. You are however caught between Stalwart Staple and Velveteen Rabbit due to fading. I also really, really want an orange cardigan to wear with you. Then you might be upgraded to Superstar.

Mystery of the Lost Shopping Trip. Face it, schmatte, I don't know what I'll wear you with next summer, you're a little weird, but you are comfortable. You shouldn't work but you do. But you need some partners.

Superstar! Let me count the ways: polka dot, silk (so feels nice), professional, goes with anything black, and fits even with a tank underneath. Just A+ all around.I hope the dry cleaners gets the V8 spots out.

Stalwart Staples, or at least should be. They look good with lots of colors, flatter the face, and give off a calm cool and collected vibe. Please fit next summer.

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