Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Environmental Consciousness Has Its Consequences

My manager is kind of green--she's a vegetarian, drives a Prius, carries reusable cups around. I wasn't surprised when she suggested we take the light rail from the office downtown as we had an interview in the only section of the city nowhere near a parking lot.

We did the interview and went back on the train, and as we were waiting to cross back to her car a young guy on a bike says to me, "You have really pretty legs." I know, I really don't but a compliment is a compliment in my book and it just cements my love of high heels.

I would have flirted just for the practice, but with my manager beside me all I could do is say "Thanks" and rebuff his further attempts to start conversation.

I went back to the office and sent an email about this to my work friends.

The Crimson Conquest shot me a look across the aisle and said "That's what you get taking public transit."

Jonathan Richman "You're Crazy For Taking The Bus"


drwende said...

The portions of your legs that are visible to the public are indeed very nice.

And anyway, never knock a man who appreciates what you're packing. Sometimes "chacun à son goût" works in a girl's favor.

tracyh said...

I was drinking water on the Red Line once when we hit a pot hole. Water spilled all over my front. Homeless guy sitting near me says "You won the Red Line wet tshirt contest!".

I wouldn't advise talking to random men on the street downtown. Here are some phrases you can use. They work for me:
Man: You have nice legs.
You: I'm not talking to you.

Man: Got any spare change?
You: Take a good look at my face. Remember it. I'll never give you money so don't asking me.

I could go on. But I won't.