Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jenny Lewis @ The Marquee

I went out last night to see Jenny Lewis and The Heartless Bastards over at the Marquee last night.

It was a very energetic show, much more rock than I had been expecting. I hadn't heard Acid Tongue or much Rilo Kiley, so a lot of the songs were new to me, but it was all well done and enjoyable. Jenny Lewis likes her crowd pumped, and she's good at getting that energy out of people.

The 90's revival is in full swing--seen on the youth of America were numerous vests (matter of fact, as I was walking in the teenish girl beside me said, "Oh she's wearing a vest too, why are we all wearing vests?" when she saw her friend and I laughed and told her she was giving me a flashback to college), plaid shirts, big round 80's eyeglasses that do no one any favors, and babydoll dresses worn over leggings or cut offs. The ubiquity of phones and texting was a bit of a "huh?" moment--everyone was being seen and chatting with friends, but they would also pull out the phone at odd moments. About 10% of the crowd was over 25 it seemed, which made me feel so old. I was grateful the show started at 7:30 too, and I was home by 11. Old sleepless hag.

It's a big space with a floor that slopes towards the stage. They set up chairs at the back, and about halfway through I realized my new blisters The teenage girl in front of me was joined by her mom, and nudged her mom over a bit so I could see the stage. Seriously. I told them I was fine. I was so touched though. And another thing, the Marquee has a bike rack. How freaking awesome is that? It's only 3 miles from my house too. I might even go down to Tempe if I had a bike. Okay, I haven't been on a bike in 20 years. And the othopaedic surgeon warned me not to injure my right arm in the elbow area as it will be very hard to fix. But still, what is life?

This week:

Tuesday, The Phoenix Reading Society.
Wednesday, I have been invited to water aerobics with Le Chat, but Anners and I were going out to Joe's on Friday but might have to reschedule to this night.

Also, on the 22nd the Starlight Mints will be over at The Rhythm Room--anyone interested?


drwende said...

Yikes! I have got to start reading the entertainment section in the Republic... this is the second time I've missed a band I would have liked to have seen. I guess it makes very little sense to complain about "nothing to do in Phoenix" when I only sporadically check to see if there's anything to do.

Kerry said...

Well, how do you feel about Starlight Mints? $10. I'd offer to stake you to Rack Shack out back @RR but I think they are only open Thurs-Sun now. There's also a big Rockabilly event on 8/22 there.

And Conspire has games night every Monday apparently. I'm not going this week, but maybe next Monday.

drwende said...

Let's do it -- the one track that Starlight Mints has on MySpace Music isn't moving me strongly in any direction, but given the location of The Rhythm Room, it's not like I can bitch about a long drive. And summer's turning me into a jellyfish.

We could go wallow in BBQ at Stacy's first, if you like, and you needn't stake me.

Kerry said...

Sounds good! Mind if I mention it to The Crimson Conquest? I loan her CDs, and she might be into this. Or she might join us at Stacy's--it's hard to tell, she's a part time raw food vegan.

Starlight Mints were on NPR this week:

drwende said...

The more the merrier -- I'd love to meet the Crimson Conquest, but she will not find raw food at Stacy's unless she goes in the kitchen and starts gnawing things straight from the refrigerator.

But I think Southern BBQ is the exact opposite of vegan. When I had green beans in Durham, they were coated in bacon.