Monday, August 31, 2009

In This House, We're All Earthy And French

Is It Normal To Wear The Same Bra For Weeks?

The Makers of 'Taking Woodstock' Ensure Hirsute Historical Accuracy

I read this and am left worried and insecure about my personal hygiene. And frankly, a bit boggled that people have time on their hands to keep up with the myriad grooming rituals that are expected in the modern age. Really? I think I'd relish a return to the 70's.

I will say this--my young looking skin is due to not using soap on a regular basis. When we were young, the dermatologist told my mom soap aggravated my sister's eczema and not necessary on most occasions. I also try to keep away from antimicrobial stuff. I like my healthy immune system, and don't worry about germs. And...I have great teeth and only brush them once a day. Am I totally hopeless?


drwende said...

You know I'm totally of the theory that skin-care regimens are bad for skin. I own facial soap for the occasional day when it seems useful, but I don't use it much. (On teeth, you basically got lucky. Some people do.)

My jaw is on the floor over how seldom women wash their undergarments. Bras are near a locale that sweats. (I'm not saying I've never done the frat-boy move of sniffing to see if there's another day's wear in one -- but at least I think to check.)

lauralynne said...

I usually only wash my face with soap once a day--in the shower. I've always felt that too much soap did more damage than anything. And now thanks to your dermatologist, I have proof!

I'm with Wende on the teeth. I inherited my mother's--straight but a mess.

We won't even discuss the bras...