Friday, October 02, 2009

Upcoming Shows

So Wende and I went out to Bon Iver this week, which was an experience. Any feedback on which of these upcoming shows look interesting?

10/21 Monsters of Folk
10/28 Dirty Projectors
10/30 Sea Wolf
11/4 Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros (This show is down in Tucson--I very much want to go, but it will be a complex endeavor, with travel, time off and a late night.)
11/5 Lucero
11/17 The Swell Season or Thao With The Get Down Stay Down


Anonymous said...

I vote for Lucero, although we won't see them live until a week or so after your show, so I can't vouch for performance or anything.

Cookbook said...

GO TO SEE EDWARD SHARPE. I love love love love love their album. They were at Case a few weeks ago but I missed 'em; coming back to KSU Stage in November and I will be there. AWESOME.

Dirty Projectors are good!

And if you have to choose on 11/17 go with Thao. The new album is really good.

I can't believe you have such good taste in music. Why did I not really know this the whole time you were in Cleveland?

Kerry said...

I have not been able to find that album for sale ANYWHERE I have looked in town. I have been making do partly with this:

When I lived in Cleveland I had no money to go out or buy much music, and no one to go with. Plus when it was cold it was always a huge battle, and between that and the smoking in bars--ugh. Too much.