Thursday, January 07, 2010

2010 Projects

These aren't resolutions, but long term projects/practices that I am working on throughout the year. I hope to end the year a little more together than I am starting it.

1) Keep a clean desk at work and home. Did I ever tell you all about the time my dad told me he thought I might be bipolar based on the mess and piles on my dining table? Yeah. I do have a problem with this in general. See below.

2) Laptop stays in the living room. I have a bad laptop in bed habit, which is not conducive to good sleep and dangerous for the laptop too.

3) Work on my wardrobe. I have good taste and I look nice, but I need to either get my weight down so I can wear what I have or buy stuff that I can wear. Oh, and go shopping on a regular basis.

4) Declutter the digital crap and the enormo pile in my living room. As Wende and my sisters can attest, there's an enormous pile of books and stuff in the middle of my living room that I swear is actual sellable vintage collectable books. I want the money for them. And enough space for Willa to run like a crazy cat after the laser pointer she loves so much. And the digital is just 15+ years of email. Adios!

5) Bike the 5.5 miles between the Mesa light rail and Dusie's house. The bus doesn't go all the way to her house on weekends. That way I can go see SJP! all the time.

6) Thow a party in my apartment. Because I like doing that.

7) Develop reasons to leave the house. Because I bore my self.

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