Monday, January 25, 2010

In Which I Take A Sick Day

Yes, I did. I never take sick days as I think I am always horribly behind and filled with goof, but today I did. I started to come down with a cold on Friday. I originally told myself that it might be allergies spurred by the damp as it rained every day last week, but by Saturday morning I knew I had fallen. It was a bit inconvenient to be sniffling and feverish as I had theater tickets for both Saturday and Sunday, but I took some meds and went out to Mesa Contemporary Arts Center. Saturday I saw Julius Caesar and on Sunday Huntress met me and we saw A. R. Gurney's Love Letters. They were both good productions. And on Saturday night Dusie and Jesse X and SJP! came and picked me up and we went for Indian food that was so good. Guru Palace in Gilbert.

I stayed home every night last week because of the rain, but also because I had been out and doing something almost every night the previous week--seriously, I was out of the house 6 of 7 nights. I was tired, the place was a mess, and I needed a day to get my head straight. Things are a mess all over.

Today I slept in, walked to Target and returned the night time cold medicine I bought accidently (I needed the daytime, non-drowsy version) vacuumed, folded my clothing and cleaned a bit. I need to descale my coffee maker too--I can't make coffee until I do so as it refuses to work. There was cat cuddling too. And I placed an online order for a pair of shoes, a necklace and a tray with a peacock on it. I can't help myself--I love peacocks these days. Pictures will potentially follow.