Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kerry Leaves The House--January 9-17th, 2010 Edition

Here's what my week looks like:

Saturday (yesterday): I intended to go to this performance art/canal draining, but wound up oversleeping. Instead, I discovered that Willa likes the taste of cream cheese, and set out in the afternoon to go downtown to the Roosevelt and read this week's book club selection while drinking. I went to the Phoenix Urban Market to check it out and discovered organic Brussels sprouts are $7/lb. I did not audibly gasp. I also went over to Bunky Boutique and those of you who I might get a present for in the next few months are forewarned. This is the sort of place that sells adorable tutus for little girls to the tune of $54, and I saw a 0-3mo onesie with an appliqued whale that would allow me to test SJP!'s nascent sense of humor if only it were larger. Oddly, the items for bigger girls were more reasonably priced.

Since I had an hour to kill waiting for the Roosevelt to open, I sat on the grass under a palm tree around the corner and watched stray cats, including a black cat who decided against suicide at the last moment and dished out some bad luck instead. The Roosevelt is a comfortable place to while away a twilight hour drinking cider and eating grilled cheese and reading about prep school scandals in a leather chair with a music selection mirroring my own.

Sunday: Today I have to go over to the office to read up on corrections, blah blah.

Monday: "Away We Go" is playing at Scottsdale Public Library. Anyone want to come with?

Tuesday: I am having dinner with Wende and a friend of hers.

Wednesday: Book club at Scottsdale PL. Testimony by Anita Shreve.

Thursday: Aces and I are going to dinner at Trader Vic's. I invited her.

Friday: Nothing planned. I may collapse. Or I might go to Ikea and start another 24 hour shopping binge.

Saturday: Nothing planned, but I will probably go spend some time with SJP! and family.

Sunday: This day is problematic. Stupid marathon runs right by my place in the am, trapping me until about 1pm. There is restorative yoga at 4pm, Sunday is also apparently a really good music night at the Roosevelt.

And there you are.


drwende said...

If you decide you're up for IKEA on Friday, I would drive. I want to look at doll-furnishable hanging storage-type-things, but not strongly enough to want to drag myself there alone.

tracyh said...

Do you get Monday off for MLK? Kathy Griffin is at the Dodge Theater again on Friday or Saturday. Would love to go but tickets so expensive.

Kerry said...

Wende--Let's do it. I'll buy the Swedish meatball plates.

Tracy--I do have MLK day off. Would you rather have the $30 I'd spend on you at Vic's and go to Kathy Griffin if we can get low end seats?

drwende said...

Excellent! You're on my calendar. Really. Like grown-ups do.

tracyh said...

No, I want Trader Vics!!!