Saturday, January 02, 2010

Links And Comments

Cleveland Restaurants Serve Up Success: This piece is right on the money--Cleveland does have really great food and reasonably priced too. Cleveland doesn't encourage tourism based on the fact that it's a foodie joy though, which Genevieve and I have lamented for at least 5 years. Crazy art, interesting architecture, great food--does the city ever do a tourism campaign based on that? No, it's all convention center and medical mart, why will no one come? Snore.

Intelligence Squared, U.S.: I love this NPR show, because it is so seldom that you have a chance to witness actual debate in America.

A Professionally Funny Family: True fact about me: The Middletown Township Public Library had a humor section that featured multiple volumes of Bob & Ray comedy sketch transcripts. I read them all.

Emily Yoffe went to art camp in Prague, and noticed those Central/Eastern Europeans are a bitter, gloomy lot. Yes, we are.

The NY Times Paper Cuts Blog has a great feature called Living With Music, which is a double introduction to new writers and new-to you music.

Why Marlowe Is Chief Of Detectives
: I think I'd like to spend a year rereading LA set noir, but as I am going to try to go up to SF for a break during the summer I will have to get in the spirit reading Hammett. Any other geographically appropriate suggestions?

Law & Order: Artistic Intent: Oh, my goodness. WANT. Don't know what I'd do with it, not appropriate, but WANT.

Warhol is back. He never really left.

I am fascinated by this actor/musician.