Saturday, February 20, 2010

By The Way...

I sent my sister over to Tomato Fest at The Farm at South Mountain last weekend. She reports that the chickens look better than when Wende and I saw them last summer.

The no outside coffee vow lasted about 3 days, but I am still holding strong against having a Coke. I'm telling myself that it's just a few more days and I can totally get through it.

We also took SJP! out to the Willo House Tour last weekend to indoctrinate her in the family past time of looking at houses. Actually, she was introduced to this hobby over Christmas, when my mom was looking at houses, but that was only one part of the hobby. The Don liked to go look at new construction houses that were for sale that he would never buy; my mom and sisters and I all like to look at houses with architectural significance. The Willo Historic District is filled with houses built in the 30's-50's and improved in luxurious fashion so that you can't recognize the original footprint.

My coworker gave me 30 pounds of lemons--any suggestions? Should I buy a pressure cooker and make marmalade, even though I don't eat it? Should I make limoncello again? Does anyone have a Moroccan preserved lemons recipe that works? Is there such a thing as lemon chutney?

I have not been writing not because I do not have anything to say--I have tons to relate. But I am often going out and doing things in the evening, or getting stuck commuting, or am tired. And as my antidepressants are working so well, I can't get a good head of rage over anything not work related these days. So, eh. You wouldn't want me all miserable, right?


lauralynne said...

I think you should make at least some lemon curd--yum!

I have always been intrigued by preserved lemons, but have never been brave enough to try them. But perhaps with 30lbs you could spare 5 or so to try them out--that way it wouldn't be 30 whole pounds of lemons that went to waste if the recipe didn't work out.

But lemon curd is awesome. I wonder if you could make it from frozen fresh lemon juice...

Cookbook said...

More limoncello, pls.

Lemon curd. Yes on the marmalade if you can find folks to give it to.

Elise at Simply Recipes has a recipe for preserved lemons that I would trust -- her recipes tend to be well-tested. It calls for Meyers but regular ones can be subbed.