Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cut Back Quarter

I have decided to declare the 2nd quarter of 2010 a "Cut Back Quarter." I'm trying to focus on my budgeting skills, and cutting back on things that I tend to fritter money away on: outside coffee, buying takeout because I didn't pack a lunch or make dinner, and random clothing or Target purchases. Or hello, Scrapbooks Etc Sidewalk Sale this am with Dusie!

This is good as fieldwork ends April 30th and our date to get the report out the door is is August 31st. I have a ton to do, and leading a more quiet life and it's time to sock away some cash for emergencies or home life necessities like a sofa or a car is a good idea since I'll be exhausted anyway.

I'm not giving up my social activities and going out entirely--most of them are free or cheap if I plan them in advance and I get a lot of benefit from leaving the house. But my Starbucks habit is bad, bad, bad. I'd rather go to Royal Coffee Bar and ride my bike downtown than go to Starbucks or hit the Roosevelt's $4 pasta night. Or sit at Bar Bianco for 2 hours and talk to strangers and then get a Rosa and a Mexican Coke instead of Papa John's. Or batwatching and then getting a gelato. I'm looking to upgrade the enjoyment quality of my activities instead of falling back into habits of just pacifying myself or getting together enough energy to move onto the next distraction.

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