Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dress A Friend Monday

For Mel of Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Your Boyfriend. Notice how the umbrella matches your blog's background color? I started with that and your joyous colors, and went with the jacket because of its 70's disco/Victoriana touch. I added the orange because I love both olive and orange and blue and orange. Scarf is completely optional, but it may be cold in Cleveland in April, you know. Fluevogs will elevate your feet and make it easier to avoid puddles. I followed up on the orange touches with the jewelry.

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tracyh said...

I have those shoes

lauralynne said...

This is awesome. I love the shoes--one place I might actually be able to wear yellow (far away from the face).

Mel said...

It's like you KNOW me! :)

On another note, I think it's hilarious my word verification is "hablo." Heh.