Sunday, April 25, 2010

Input Needed

So you know the buttons and bits of thread you get along with clothes sometimes? How do you organize them in case you need them later? I have a stack on my desk but think I could use a better organizational method.

And I agreed to make a dessert for Tuesday group lunch. Strawberries are on sale, I have eggs, lemons and carrots. Any low-cost, fairly easy ideas? I can make lemon curd and cake again for the sugar rush, or lemon pudding. Or carrot cake. Any other ideas? It will be hot here, but they did turn on the a/c recently.


LOJO said...

I wrote what item of clothing they belonged to and then put them in a wooden box in my closet. It worked out well for me.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I have a basket where my sewing kit lives and my shoe polish and all the weird maintenance-y stuff. The little thread bits get stacked in with the sewing kit. And the buttons now live in a small Weck canning jar of their own. I'm sure it should have jam or something in it but it is the perfect size for buttons. And I don't have enough of any of this stuff that it gets to crazy in there. But whenever I lose a button, I'm set!

Cookbook said...

Lemon pudding!