Monday, May 17, 2010

Go Read!

Crazy Victorian home arts combining drawing and photographs. I see a revival for those of us who love paper but hate scrapbooking our lives.

More surrealistic images--now with knitting!

This is ripe for a film. An almost savant-like thief who can steal anything. I love capers and thieving.

You have too much crap, it's not worth anything, and if you leave it to your family to clean out they will be disappointed and hate you. This has been a public service message.

Anything can be a contest. Witness The Art Handling Olympics.

A revival in heirloom apples is the only foodie trend I can get behind.

Okay, the mean foodie hating bitch in me has a tiny bit of satisfaction in crazy locavores accidently poisoning themselves.

Dandelion jelly. I want some. You always want what you can't have because ingredients are not available in your area. Hence the Hatch, NM chile festival.

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Cookbook said...

Oh man, the crazy locavores story. Nice find. NICE.