Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Law & Order"--End Of An Era

How big a Law & Order fan am I? I would get a tv and cable to watch a Law & Order channel with all the Dick Wolf versions, as well as the London-set spinoff, and the French and Russian versions. Can you think of anything weirder than a Russian version of "Law & Order"? The Russian mafia kicks the Gambino crime family's ass, and how would you handle the bribery and corruption angles?

So the fact that "Law & Order" just got cancelled makes me sad.

Following Alan Sepinwall's idea what's your dream "L&O" cast? Skoda would always be the shrink on duty for me and I'd pair Lennie "I'm so subtle, I just ordered a hit and you didn't notice" Briscoe and Cyrus "TMI" Lupo. I'd also do a round of Benjamin Bratt's smug, happy family man detective with Jesse L. Martin's freewheeling bachelor, Det. Ed Green. I think Robinette and Claire Kincaid and McCoy were the best prosecutors, with Shiff as ADA, but I also liked the era with Angie Harmon and Dianne Weist.

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