Sunday, May 09, 2010

Things That Make Me Depressed/Things That Make Me Happy

First, the depressing things:

1) The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Just holy fuck. It is so awful. I thought it was bullshit the first days after the explosion when the news was "No oil was spilled! Don't worry! We're just looking for bodies."

2) Nashville flooded, the Grand Ol Opry was under 2 feet of water, and pretty much no one cares. Yes, the spill in the Gulf on the heels of Haiti and the rest exhausts everyone. I realize that, but I still feel badly about Nashville.

3) The University of Virginia lacrosse player who beat his former girlfriend to death saying "it was an accident." Well, the actual beating her so bad she died was the accident. The breaking down her door and attacking her? He meant to do that.

Now, the happy things:

1) Last Monday we took SJP! on a picnic at Scottsdale Civic Center (I had book club, so I catered dinner and we all hung out before). There are fountains there, and I took her to look at them while my sister ate. SJP is so smart--she leaned towards the one with multiple smaller jets on different levels and patted my arm. Clearly, that one was her favorite. She cried at another fountain even though it had ducks, and was neutral about the third that had the water falling like a whale tail.

2) The saguaros have flowers since it rained so much. They feel hopeful about the future. They look like little bud growths of new cactus around the limbs at first, but this week white flowers opened up and bees hit.

3) My mom and I ran a garage sale of her stulff yesterday and she made $60. Then we met Aces at Costco and she bought a cat condo for her animals. I am buying the same one for mine next week. And we went to Sprouts, where I spent $74. That includes miso ($10! that had better be good carrot ginger dressing!) raisins and dried cherries, expensive good jam, and fig spread ($6). I was low on staples.

4) Willa will not eat pieces of cooked chicken I tempt her with. She will eat brussel sprouts, cabbage, celery leaves and fennel fronds.


Anonymous said...

Also, the Opryland Hotel was flooded. I visited as a pre-teen and had lovely dreams of staying there one day, all sophisticated and in love. So, yes. Nashville is depressing.

And the oil spill. I pretty much choke in anger whenever I think of this. And I've got a long list of very, VERY bad things I'd like to see happen to BP.

My cat is not interested in chicken at all. She does like to stick her head in my green smoothies when I am not paying attention.

lsaspacey said...

I have to admit I am so media-saturated that SJP immediately reads as "Sarah Jessica Parker" to me now. How sad is that?