Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Brief Trip Back To The Driving World

So last month my family went on holiday and my mom loaned me her car for a whole week. It was an interesting glimpse at how I used to live and what it's like to have a car. I've adjusted well to the whole carfree in Phoenix thing--I don't think there is anything I am missing.

I had to take Cain to the vet 3 times that week and having a car was very handy for that. However, I took him to an animal hospital just down the street because it was a well recommended and accessible by the 29 bus. The other thing that saved me time and was easier to do was to go over to the Scottsdale Fashion Square to return some things I bought by mail. I did do some big grocery shopping too.

Honestly, I might have had some additional fun if I had had extra cash that week, but aside from a spur of the moment trip to America's Taco Shop there wasn't anything that I couldn't/wouldn't do without a car. And I would go to America's--just on a weekend day and I'd have to plan it.

Maybe I would not have reawakened my love of Sonic, its chicken sandwich, and my discovery of the cherry limeade chiller. Oh, and I did go to Trader Joe's 3 times.

This illustration gives a breakdown of costs associated with owning a car. Honestly, if you own your car outright it's maintenance, insurance and gas that are really your only expenses.

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