Monday, June 07, 2010

Sunscreen Reviews

Looking for information on sunscreens? Environmental Working Group's 2010 Guide To Sunscreens is up, and it's depressing. Consumer Reports approves of more mainstream brands. Keep in mind agendas people, and stay inside as much as possible during the day. And wear a hat!

Onto product reviews:

Clinique SPF 45 Targeted Protection Stick--I bought this based on Oprah's recommendation. It's a small stick so you can just swipe it onto small exposed areas like your nose and forehead if you walked out without a hat or need a quick touchup on a patch. However, it feels like you've wiped your face with antiperspirant. It doesn't get absorbed. Strands of hair stuck to my forehead. It's an annoying product.

From the Sephora samples pack:

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm, Lemon & Chamomile SPF 25--I don't like chapsticks or lip balms or glosses. Too sticky for my tastes. This does have a nice lemon scent with a slight grassy note. It's pleasant.

However, the first time I used this sample, the bottom of the tube split open. Therefore, it's useless unless I want to keep it at home and stick my pinky into the bottom of the tube and glob it on my lips.

Sephora UVSunsense Bands--Dusie and I tried these out. They were crap. First off, we couldn't get them to fasten around our wrists. So we slathered ourselves and the bands, and left them out on the patio while we went in the pool. Within 25 minutes, both bands were white. However, she was wearing SPF 30 and I was wearing SPF 70. Does nothing stand up to the Arizona sun?

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