Friday, July 09, 2010

Breathe Deeply. Think Positive.

Okay, if you are in Cleveland you should make plans to go to the UniverSoul Circus sometime between now and Sunday. And if you're on Facebook, go to their page and look at the pictures of their new baby Bengal tiger and think happy thoughts.

I am suffering in awful heat. I know, I live in Phoenix. I had big plans for tomorrow--get on a bus at 6amish to make it downtown for the 7m walk with the Mile Club Challenge, hang out at Royal Coffee Bar and then catch The Duce's bus for Smunch and somehow meet up with my mom to go to Paradise Valley to a free cooking class at Whole Foods.

But it's so damn hot. And humid. I should run bets on when it will actually rain. Not before August 15th, I think.


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