Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Join The Canning Brigade

Tonight I came back from the market with the starter canning set and supplies that I have been thinking of purchasing all summer. Well, mulling all summer + slightly flush + had a coupon=new potential hobby. Any suggestions for my maiden attempt? The set comes with 3 pint jars, which seem a bit large. It may be a while before I lug a case of 8 oz jars across the street. Don't worry, I have coupons for those too! All Little Grandma canned by the time we were kids was pickles, which she did in pints, but I am unsure we (meaning the family) could even go through that many pickles anymore. I will say, garlic dills were a great snack and little 10 month old Peaches (aka SJP!) does love to use her two little teeth and has shown an affinity for garlic already.

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lauralynne said...

I would totally start with jam. Pretty, yummy, and easy. Just remember to wear long sleeves.

University of Georgia has a huge website with recipes and info for canning and preserving.